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Do Not Be Afraid to Call for Air Conditioning Services

By: Mike Thomas

When the cool of central air conditioning begins to feel a little warm, there is no need to fear calling a company that provides professional air conditioning services. Most places give free estimates. Asking for an estimate range from low to high is also beneficial. A low to high estimate lets a homeowner know what is immediately needed to get the system operational again, with the high part of the estimate covering all parts that show signs of excessive wear.

When Not to Call for Repairs

If it is a very hot day, the system can only cool the interior so much. Homes with excellent insulation and a ventilation fan to remove hot attic air more effectively keep rooms cool on really hot days. High humidity is also a factor. Dry days feel cooler inside. Check the temperature of the conditioned air coming out of a vent with a thermometer.

Most homeowners are unaware that the best systems are only capable of keeping homes about 25 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the outside temperature. If it is 90 outside, 65 may be possible inside. However, in places where the outside temps go over 100 degrees, the indoor temperature may hover around 80. Again, insulation, attic vents and even having roofing tiles helps.

Early Warning Signs

Having an indoor/outdoor digital thermometer helps homeowners to spot issues developing that make it a necessity to call an air conditioning services technician for help. Subjectively feeling warmer on any given day does not mean something is amiss with the central air system. However, if the home is normally 70 degrees inside when the outdoor temp is 85 with 65 percent humidity, there may be a problem if the indoor temperature starts to creep up.

Common Central Air Problems

The biggest problem that homeowners can correct themselves is plants and shrubbery growing close to the outdoor part of the central air system. The big coils with the aluminum fins covering them take heat to the outside. An air conditioning system does not create cold; it absorbs heat taking it outside. The big fan blows the heat away from the refrigerant before it cycles back into the home again. If the outdoor fan and coils are blocked, performance is degraded.

The other problem that is inexpensive to repair is dirt outside the coils. This does require a professional trained in air conditioning services to fix because they use an acid solution unavailable to the public to dissolve the grime. They spray it on, wait a few minutes, and then rinse it away with water. The acid is intended for professional use only, but it is not labor intensive.

Even low refrigerant is not a major expense. A very slow leak from a compressor may require topping off the refrigerant once every couple of years until the compressor fails. It can buy time for homeowners to save for AC systems. So, do not be afraid to call air conditioning repair experts. Most problems have easy fixes with some not costing more than a standard service call.


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