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DIY Tips on Creating the Ultimate Baby-Friendly Play Area

By: Mike Thomas

One of the most stressful projects for parents of any age is to baby-proof a play area for a child. It seems as if serious accidents within a home can be seen on the news or are heard from friends and family members all the time, but this process can become easy when it is broken up into manageable steps. Parents will also need to understand what exactly will and won?t be dangerous for their child in those first few weeks, months, and years. Here is a closer look at a few simple DIY tricks that can turn any location around the home into a safe place for children to play.

Deciding on the Play Area

Ideally, the entirety of the home and the surrounding property would be baby-friendly in the event of an accident or misstep, but this is rarely possible. Most parents will need to pick and choose where complete baby proofing must take and then focus on that area. Unfortunately, a fresh look will need to be taken at the play area as the child?s mobility improves, but before they are crawling quickly and eventually walking, the area can remain relatively small.


Once the area has been chosen, it is time to begin blocking it off so the baby cannot get out to more unsafe areas around the home. At the very least, this involves using childproof gates to block off any stairways or entryways into other rooms, but slightly more than that may need to be carried out. A number of companies offer completely enclosed and padded areas and this is often a good choice for younger children that cannot stand, pull themselves up, or walk yet. As the mobility of the child increases, so will the sturdiness of the gates as well as the size of area that they can play in.

Think Like a Child

Now that the area has been chosen and is thoroughly blocked off, it is time for parents to begin thinking like their child in order to remove any dangerous items. This can begin with a look at any hard or sharp corners that will immediately become one of the biggest threats in the home. If the object cannot be removed completely, sturdy foam or other forms of padding can be used to cover corners. Any items that have small objects, including items that can be broken down into smaller objects, should be removed as they are choking hazards. Other places to look include access to any chemicals, wiring in which appliances can be pulled down, sockets, and anything that can be broken to create sharp edges.

Killing Germs and Bacteria

No matter how clean a household may be, bacteria and germs can be found everywhere. This means that parents need to pick and choose their battles and understand when harmless bacteria are inevitable. The play area should be cleaned regularly and kept free from leftover foods or drinks that they child may have access. Finally, nothing but a non-toxic, family friendly cleaner should be sprayed anywhere near a child or their toys.


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