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Easy Tips for Effective Pool Maintenance

By: Mike Thomas

With regular pool maintenance, you can avoid larger expenses associated with pool repairs.  Whether you have a beautiful in-ground pool or a simple above-ground pool, invest in regular maintenance to keep the water clean and prolong the life of your pump and filters.

Check the Skimmer Regularly

The skimmer gathers up larger items that cannot run through your filter.  At any given time, it could have leaves, plant pollen and even frogs.  If the skimmer becomes blocked, it can stop the water flowing through your filter and actually damage the system.  Check the filters every day to be sure they are clean.

Take Care of the Hair and Lint Pot

High quality pumps have hair and lint pots that capture hair that might otherwise harm the filter.  Check this every few weeks to ensure that it is clean and will continue performing its job.  This is another simple maintenance tip that can make a big difference in how clean your pool is and how long the pump lasts.

Store Chemicals Properly

Chemicals can be costly, and the direct sunlight can make them ineffective.  Keep chemicals out of direct sunlight to protect them.  Store them in a cool dry place to ensure that they are ready for use the next time you need to add chlorine to the pool.

Clean Around the Pool

You appreciate how important it is to clean the interior of the pool, but you also need to clean the area around the pool.   An important part of pool maintenance is keeping grass and vegetation away from the edges of the pool.  You should also pick up any garbage, clear away debris from storms and make sure plants are not encroaching on the area around your pool.

Check the Pressure

Check the pressure coming back into the pool from your filter regularly.  If the pressure is dropping, then something is going on with the filter.  It may be dirty, the skimmer could be blocked or there could be another problem.  Clean all filters and check the pump to make sure everything is in good working order.

Stock up on Shock

You never know when you might need to shock the pool.  Stock up on bags of shock so you can toss one in at the earliest sign or algae problems or if you are going to be away from the pool for a few days.  Shocking it will keep algae away and help you avoid more serious issues.

When you take the time to invest in regular pool maintenance, you can trust that your pool will look amazing throughout the season.  You can avoid costly repairs, and your pool water will stay crystal clear and ready for use.


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