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Tips to Remember with Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

By: Mike Thomas

Owning a home remains a common goal for most people.  They know that when they buy their first home, they have reached the pinnacle of independence and financial stability in their lives.  Once their pride and sense of accomplishment wane, however, homeowners must then focus on how they can keep their houses in good condition and how they will be able to afford any repairs that need to be done through the years.  Being prepared for when malfunctions happen to appliances like the air conditioner can help people avoid the costliest of repair expenses.

Early Prevention and Careful Maintenance

If avoiding emergency air conditioning repair expenses stands out as one of their primary goals, homeowners should learn what they can do to maintain their units to ensure their air conditioner’s long life.  Most preventative measures are not complicated.  Many people can rely on their common sense to guide them through the maintenance of their air conditioners.  Common steps to take when maintaining a unit include:

  • Replacing the filters at least twice a year, perhaps at the start of every spring and autumn.
  • Keeping the outside unit free from lawn clippings, dirt, debris, and dust. 
  • Checking the Freon level every summer before the unit is turned on for the season.
  • Winterize the outdoor unit before the end of summer to ensure it survives the upcoming cold season.

These maintenance suggestions can actually go a long way in helping people avoid an emergency air conditioning repair and prevent them from experiencing problems with their systems.

Keeping Calm during an Emergency Air Conditioner Malfunction

Despite their precautions, air conditioners still may fail on occasion.  Extremely hot weather, inadvertent mistakes on the homeowner’s part, or the unit being old and outdated can all cause air conditioners to stop working.  Many times, a malfunction occurs when people are least expecting it.  They may be asleep or relaxing at home when all of a sudden their unit stops functioning.  When this happens, people are encouraged to remain calms as they figure out what is wrong and what they need to do to avoid any more damage to their unit and home.  They can take these steps to head off an emergency air conditioning repair situation:

  • Get out of the home if they smell smoke or burning metal or rubber
  • Turn off their unit immediately after the malfunction occurs
  • Call a repairman if they do not know which part of the unit failed

Sometimes calling a repairman is inevitable, especially if the entire system no longer works.  Taking preventative measures and turning off the power immediately during a malfunction remain a person’s top suggestions in maintaining and caring for a home’s air conditioner unit.


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