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GE Refrigerator Repair and Servicing

By: Mike Thomas

The General Electric (GE) Company has developed and manufactured many electrical items for commercial and home use.  Although GE is quite known for its commercial equipment, consumers are well aware of GE's domestic products.  Among the many household products are refrigerators. 

Initial Refrigerators

From the 19th century to 1930s, the ice box was widely used.  During this period, a block of ice was placed in a container on or in the box.  The box system cooled food items until the ice was melted.  Made with a wooden case, it was not a very efficient way to keep items cool.  Nevertheless, it was the best food-cooling storage system available at the time.

Early Refrigeration Units from GE

In 1911, GE introduced a refrigerator invented by a French monk named Marcel Audiffen.  In 1927, GE invented and produced the first Monitor-Top refrigerator.  It was named the Monitor-Top because the cooling condenser resembled the turret from the U.S.S. Monitor.  The unit was advertised to operate quietly. 

Today, things have changed dramatically, especially for the homeowner of a refrigeration system.  Technology has advanced over the years and many companies have come and gone.  GE remains in the foreground of developing, producing, servicing and repairing household refrigerators.  GE refrigerators are now energy-star compliant, without the sacrifice of essential features and style.  The benefits remain an intricate part of the design, although it is energy efficient.

Repair Options

At times the refrigerator, as do all others, may need servicing or repairing.  If GE refrigerator repair is needed, qualified and experience technicians should be called.  A GE refrigeration expert can efficiently service or repair that specific refrigerator, regardless of the model.  The opportunity to call the proper GE repairman will ensure that the task is done right.  They will make sure that filters, for example, are replaced.

With other repairers, there could be guess-work, and the knowledge of non-GE procedures may be applied.  Essentially, this will risk the on-going operation of the unit.  Proper care entails having it serviced.  GE refrigerator repair requires a good understanding of the internal design and specification of the unit.

The homeowner would naturally be concerned about all of the kitchen appliances.  The refrigerator is a special consideration because of its purpose and use.  A good food storage appliance is essential.  GE refrigerator models are exceptional.

Some homeowners insist on servicing their refrigerators themselves.  They use parts and accessories that are not genuine.  Trusting such parts in a state-of-the-art GE unit can case problems.  These problems can lead to the need of additional repairs.  This is an excellent reason that GE refrigerator repair be left up to the factory-trained service technicians.  General Electric is a leader in providing refrigerators and servicing them.


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