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Home Warranty Insurance vs. Home Maintenance Warranty

By: Mike Thomas

Many homeowners are unsure of the difference between a home warranty insurance package and a home maintenance warranty. Contrary to popular belief, the two terms are not interchangeable - they both represent completely different things.

So, What is Home Warranty Insurance?

A home insurance package protects a home against unexpected events such as wind damage, injury of a third person on the property or personal assets on the premises that have been stolen. Home insurance is needed in order to protect the assets inside of a home as well as the physical real estate itself.

And A Home Maintenance Warranty?

A home maintenance package is meant to protect real estate against itself rather than events from the outside. Real estate will naturally incur wear and tear that will require maintenance. The older a home gets, the more expensive these maintenance costs become. The major benefit of a home maintenance warranty is its ability to help a homeowner defray these costs over a longer period of time. The right type of home maintenance warranty will also help a homeowner save money on the more expensive repairs as well.

Should I Purchase Home Warranty Insurance or a Home Maintenance Warranty Package?

Most real estate and financial experts actually recommend that most homeowners invest in both home warranty insurance and a home maintenance warranty package. Since both packages cover completely different things, both of which are important to the protection of real estate, homeowners need them both in order to protect their investment.

A homeowner with a home maintenance warranty package will not be protected against unfortunate geographic occurrences, home invasion and third-person injury. A homeowner who only has a home warranty insurance package will not have their real estate protected against the natural wear and tear that a home endures. This protection is especially important if the home is not new.

The purchase of both packages at once also decreases the amount of risk that an insurance underwriter has in a home: Regular maintenance will increase the resiliency of a home if something sudden and unexpected happens to it. Many insurance companies offer decreased rates on the bulk packaging of both types of warranties. Find a package that suits your current home protection needs by seeing the plan options offered by American Home Shield; the home warranty leaders.


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