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A Guide to Pool Maintenance for Dummies

By: Mike Thomas

It is a real joy when you get your first pool. The thrill of being able to step outside your home and jump in the pool anytime you want is hard to beat. However, most folks don’t realize how much work it is to maintain a pool. Basic maintenance must be done on a pool to keep it in good shape. With that in mind, here is a quick guide for homeowners on pool maintenance for dummies.

Chemical Maintenance

One of the most crucial parts of pool maintenance for dummies is to maintain the correct chemical balance in a pool. Failure to maintain the chemical balance can make a pool a breeding ground for disease. Chemical maintenance starts with keeping the chlorine levels up to snuff. You want to ensure that you have a chlorine level of at least 1.0 parts per million to kill germs and keep algae from growing.

Another part of the chemical maintenance of a pool is maintaining the pH levels. You need to check the pH levels of your pool at least once a week. The pH level should be in the range of 7.2 to 7.6. Keeping the pH in this optimum range will help the chlorine to work effectively to keep the pool clean. It will also help to keep the water clear.

These are the basic chemical procedures that pool owners need to follow for pool maintenance for dummies. However, there are other things that need to be monitored monthly. These include things like alkalinity and calcium hardness. Also, some pool owners like to add an algaecide to their pool maintenance routine. This is usually unnecessary, but it can be needed in areas where pools are highly susceptible to algae infestations.

Physical Maintenance

You also need to use a little elbow grease as part of pool maintenance for dummies. The most frequent part of the physical maintenance routine is to use the pool skimmer. You should get into the habit of using the skimmer to remove any debris from the pool every time you use it.

Also, it is important to clean your pool filters once a week. This will prolong the life of your pumps and help to keep your pool clean. Once a week you should also use the pool vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool. Another weekly part of the pool’s physical maintenance is to use the pool brush to clean the sides of the pool. This will help to prevent the unsightly ring that can develop over time.

Worth the Effort

This pool maintenance for dummies may seem like a lot of effort. However, it really only takes about an hour a week. This is a small amount of time to sacrifice for all the joy a pool brings to you and your family.


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