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Save Money with Proper Swimming Pool Maintenance

By: Mike Thomas

Having a swimming pool is an amazing addition to your home.  It can offer several hours of exercise, enjoyment and plenty of relaxation.  Swimming pools are a great way to enjoy social time with family and friends.  Consequently, swimming pools also need extra care to ensure that they are safe and clean for everyone to enjoy.  This means that your pool will need to receive regular swimming pool maintenance.  The cost of not keeping your swimming pool maintained will far exceed proper upkeep costs.

Below are some tips with the things you will need to do to properly maintain your pool so that it is safe and healthy for all to enjoy.

  • Sanitizing Your Pool – For chlorine pools, always use a stabilized chlorine product to ensure your water is healthy.  Chlorine keeps your water safe from any harmful bacteria and comes in either a stick or tablet form.  The chlorine sticks or tablets are placed into a container by the pump and filter system for the pool. 
  • Algae Inhibitor – An algae inhibitor comes in a liquid form and is added to the pool water beside the skimmer intake.  This allows the pump to distribute the inhibitor evenly throughout the water.
  • Pumps – Your pool pump should be replaced if it is broken or no longer working properly.  Pool pumps that are several years old are not going to function as effectively as a new one with better technology and increased pumping power.  The newer pumps are more affordable and smaller than the old pumps and offer better efficiency.  The new pumps save on energy costs and mean that fewer chemicals are used.  Pool pumps should be replaced about every seven years for better filtration and circulation.
  • Cracks and Leaks – Always scan your pool on a regular basis for cracks and leaks.  This will ensure that a small problem can be fixed easily to avoid major repair jobs later on down the road.
  • Tarps – Tarp your pool so that material will not build up in the water.  Having a tarp on the pool will also save you a lot of time scooping things out of the pool.

A pool is a great source of entertainment for your home and family.  You want to keep it functional and available for use at all times.  Keep a nice stock of swimming pool maintenance items handy so that they are easily accessible when needed.  Keep a record of any repair and maintenance work done on the pool such as warranties, parts purchased, work repairs done and other important receipts.  Have one file folder that you designate for all your pool documents.  Your pool is a very valuable asset to your home and it should be treated that way.  Proper swimming pool maintenance will help you avoid paying costly repairs later on down the road. 


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